Balder Junior J340

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Balder Junior J340

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Balder Junior J340 – Children's Standing Powerchair

From fun in the park to trips to the zoo, a child's life is all about new and stimulating experiences. Being able to play happily and enjoy the company of other children is incredibly important, and this has inspired Baldertech to design a very special powerchair - the Balder Junior 340.

The J340 is much the same as our Balder J335, but with the added function allowing you to stand. When the J340 begins to move to an upright position, the supporting castors will automatically lower when the surface is level, enabling your child to move safely while standing. The 340 Junior will also raise and lower your child as they sit or lie, so they can reach up higher or down closer to the ground. In addition, they can tilt forward and back into positions that make them more comfortable as they play, relax and work.

A young girl using the standing function of a Balder Junior J340 childrens standing powerchair. She is with another young girl who is sitting on a high wall. Together they are petting a tortoise.

Technical Specifications

Balder Junior J335

64 cm
Length without foot support
105 cm
Length with foot support, fully retracted
116 cm
Seat width
30-35 cm
Seat depths
35-40 cm
Seat height ex/seat pad
35-79 cm
Backrest height
40-42 cm
Height beneath chassis
7 cm
Axle spacing
61.5 cm
133 kg
Max. user weight
75 kg
Backrest angle
0° to 90°
-15° to 30°
Foot support angle
5° to 90°
Max obstacle height
60 mm
Max speed
10 km/h, Gyro-stabilised
Max slope

Min. braking distance
Max range
40 km
Front wheels, dimensions
3 x 8”
Rear wheels, dimensions
2.5 x 3”



Turning width (pivot width)
1200 mm
62Ah 12V
Weight of batteries
19 kg x 2



All Balder powerchairs are tested to high standards, including; EN 12184 (and the underlying standards), and ISO 1021 1/2 (all fabrics are resistant to ignition).

A Balder Junior J340 childrens standing powerchair. Shown in a standing position

  • Multiple options for vehicle mounting (Balder car mount, Dahl Docking, or Q'straint QLK Docking)
  • Joystick with touch screen and Bluetooth for controlling secondary systems
  • LED lights with or without turn indicators
  • Switches and switch panels
  • Mobile and tablet holders
  • USB charging ports
  • Mounting options for crutches, backpacks, etc
  • Bags, baskets, and storage solutions
  • Side mirrors
  • Folding tables in multiple sizes
  • Multiple variants of tires, air-filled and puncture-proof
  • Customised seat and back cushions, incorporating air or gel inserts
  • Customised support devices
  • Third-party seating integration
  • Pulsating footrest
  • Integration with various environmental systems
  • Mounting attachments for external equipment
  • Electric flip-up armrests
  • Electric flip-up footrest
  • Electric swing-away joystick
  • Chin control with manual or electric swing-out
  • Head control
  • Foot control
  • ​Multiple choices of attendant controls (Hand support or Mo-Vis Scoot)
  • Remote-controlled stop
  • Large side bolsters on the seat and backrest cushions
  • Pressure-relieving foam in the seat cushion
  • Air-adjustable lumbar support in the backrest cushion
  • Incontinence cover
  • Many variants of armrest pads, different materials, and softness levels
  • Many variants of side supports and belts 
  • Multiple variants of footplates, single, double, padded etc
  • Seat stabilisation

Up to 40km range

Crash tested

Unrivalled longevity

Choice of input controls