"Having had my previous Balder wheelchair for 13 years, I was heartbroken to learn that I could not acquire a new one when I was looking at a renewal. I was resigned to the fact I would have to settle for another wheelchair brand which would not cater for my needs – using the wheelchair for driving my van and around my office and house.

I was delighted when Jason informed me that Baldertech were launching their products. I could finally get like-for-like legs as Jason, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for 13 years, still had my old file and was able to replicate the wheelchair I already had. The process was stress free as I knew exactly what to expect.

Jason and Andy have been so helpful and the after care service they provide is second to none. They are responsive, approachable and patient. Nothing is too much effort for them. I love my black and sparkly new wheels and I look forward to continuing to be supported by Baldertech going forwards"