Rising above all other powerchairs, the F290 takes you from sitting or lying in a upright position with a stop/start movement that you control. With a supporting chest strap and knee brace to give total security and comfort, you can even drive safely in a standing position, confident that you will remain stable.

When the F290 begins to move to a standing position, the supporting castors will automatically power down when the surface is level. If the surface is uneven, the F290 will not continue which ensures you only stand when it is safe to do so. When you are ready to return to your previous position, which the F290 will have cleverly remembered, you simply activate the control.

As well as enabling you to stand, the F290 will raise and lower you while sitting or lying. In addition you can tilt forward and back, giving you a greater range of positions to make everyday life so much easier.

As with all Balder powerchairs, the F290 is incredibly comfortable. Its seat is ergonomically sculpted and upholstered in quality materials while the anti-sheer movement ensures that whatever angle you choose, the back cushion maintains your position and helps reduce friction.

You can adjust the seat, back, foot rests and leg rests independently, while transferring is made easier with flip-up arm rests and an optional swing-away arm for the controller.

The front wheel drive allows you to manoeuvre the chair accurately and because its maximum width is a narrow 640mm, you will have no problem passing through standard household doorways.

Balder Finesse 290 Powerchair (stand-up)

  • Configuration
  • Electric seat lift
  • Electric seat tilt forward
  • Electric seat tilt backward
  • Electric recline back
  • Leg rests, elevating
  • Leg rests, length compensation
  • Length
  • Width
  • Minimum transport height
  • Standard modular seat height *
  • Standard modular seat widths *
  • Standard modular seat depths *
  • Maximum speed
  • Range **
  • Maximum user weight
  • Battery capacity
  • Charging time ***
  • Weight including batteries
  • Front tyre dimension
  • Rear tyre dimension
  • Axle distance
  • Ground clearance
  • Turning circle

This combination does not exist.

Configuration Front wheel drive
Electric seat lift 380-820mm
Electric seat tilt forward 15° + Stand-up function
Electric seat tilt backward 15°
Electric recline back 0-90°
Leg rests, elevating Electric
Leg rests, length compensation Electric
Length 1130 mm
Width 640 mm
Minimum transport height Approx 800 mm
Standard modular seat height * 380-820 mm
Standard modular seat widths * 400-480 mm
Standard modular seat depths * 425-540 mm
Maximum speed Up to 9,9 km/h
Range ** Up to 34 km
Maximum user weight 120 kg
Battery capacity 2 x 12v 55ah
Charging time *** 8 Hours
Weight including batteries 140 kg
Front tyre dimension 300 x 8″
Rear tyre dimension 250 x 3″
Axle distance 615 mm
Ground clearance 70 mm
Turning circle 1285 mm

All models in the finesse range can be upgraded to LUX
The Baldertech finesse LUX model comes as standard with:
10 kph motors, Gyro drive technology, REM 400 touchscreen joystick with bluetooth and mouse control, USB charger LED lights, soft armpads and choice of 5 colours

* Smaller seating systems are available for the junior

** Range is calculated under test conditions. Weight, terrain and weather conditions can affect range of travel

*** Charging time can be affected by atmospheric temperature, battery age and the range required