Charlie Kitcher

"The chair is magnificent – I mean you only have to look at it to see it’s the smartest looking design on the market. The build is fantastic – I hardly have any technical problems and the motors controlling the rise/lower, the leg rest, the back rest and the tilt in space are as good as new almost 6 years into my last chair. I travel internationally a lot for work and leisure too and this chair has been all over the world without problems, it even fits on the smallest of planes (usually run by EasyJet). Whether you’re using it for around your house in lockdown, travelling the world or working in the city then I couldn’t think of a better fit!

However as good as the chair is, Balder is much more than just a Powerchair – the team behind them are second to none. With a life time of experience between them Jason and Andy have re-started this company to something even better than before. They build and sell quality chairs; but their knowledgeable, caring, helpful and warm characters make servicing and repairing them one of the most stress free processes possible.

An incredible chair and incredible team – delighted to have you back!