Phone us

When you call us we will get all your information to carry out an assessment with the correct product to fit your condition and size. Our aim is to get you driving a balder chair at the assessment.


One of our specialists will visit you at your home, school, office or wherever you will be using your Baldertech powerchair. We will not only assess the chair for you personally but the area you live and work in. It is always best to involve your family, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and anyone else who may help you


After the assessment we will prepare a detailed quotation of the Baldertech powerchair we propose to build for you. This will include all modifications, specification and accessories agreed at the assessment.

Delivery & Training

When we deliver your new Baldertech powerchair we will take time to set the chair to your needs. We will demonstrate all the functions, and importantly all safety features of the chair.
We will let you know about our aftercare service to keep your chair in tip top condition now you are a proud owner of a Balder powerchair.